Core Capabilities

At Catalyst, we use our experience with Fortune 500 clients and strategic vision to increase sales. Catalyst has driven a variety of products and services forward using its core capability set. Our adaptability to changing market environments and client needs enhances the effectiveness of our capabilities and drives growth. Capabilities include:

• Brand Building and Positioning
• Benchmarking & Best Practices
• Marketing Research and Data Management
• New Product Development
• Strategic Planning
• Mobile, Guerilla & Event Marketing
• Retail Co-Marketing/Account Specific Partnerships
• Promotional Marketing including:
     - Sweepstakes
     - Contests
     - Games
     - Online Marketing
• Sales Support, Training & Incentive Reward Programs
• Commercial Co-Venture (Charity) Partnerships

The Catalyst Approach

• Dedicated team of senior people on your business
• Our structure allows for “Immediate Deployment”
• Part of our culture is a high sense of urgency
• Creativity driven by sound strategic thinking
• Breaking new ground to grow your business